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Name: Isaac Johnson

Social Media: Instagram

Bio: Being an athlete all of his life through college, Isaac was always in shape. Once he stopped playing sports in college he still worked out, but with the purpose of being big and strong not so much healthy.
As Isaac transitioned to the corporate world and gym time became less of a priority, his weight became an issue. Isaac yo-yoed for a while until he had jaw surgery which forced him to lose around 50 lbs. but he didn’t manage to keep that off. His “why moment” came a few years living in Dallas and looking in the mirror and not liking what he saw. 90 days from that moment he lost 45 lbs. and has stayed in phenomenal shape since then. 
Isaac realized after he kept the weight off that what he did was something that I could replicate for others. He started training locally and then while talking to a friend on social media saw that he could train people virtually. That’s when the business took off. Now Isaac has over 100 clients all over the WORLD!!!

*Isaac offers lifestyle and competition training. If you are interested in being coached by Isaac, please click here to fill out your questionnaire and schedule your consulation.*


Name: Darius Moore

Social Media: Instagram

Bio: Darius has always been an athlete and knows what it takes to win.
Darius got into fitness back in 2015, and started seeing results. It has since become an addiction. He believes you have to change to get change, no hand outs.
Darius started personal training in 2017 under his brand MoeBodied, with his goal being to make as many people see the best in themselves! His success with clients is very well documented by the progress and extremely positive testimonials.

Darius is a natural bodybuilding advocate, believing that you may not see results as fast as you would want, but if you never stop... they will come!
Darius is ready and looking to add clients that are ready to make a life change both mentally and physically. 

*Darius offers lifestyle training. If you are interested in being coached by Darius, please click here to get inquire about training.*

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