Name: Isaac Johnson

BIO: As a former D-1 Track athlete Isaac always wanted to find another way to compete after he transitioned into the corporate world. Once he found coaching/training Isaac started to fall in love with the sport of bodybuilding. It took him about two years after his brother Uriah kept urging him to try it, to commit to becoming a bodybuilder himself. 


At first Isaac was doing it so that he could coach other athletes, but he is now a full-fledged Pro Men's Physique competitor himself.

Isaac will be stepping back on the stage this year in Men's Physique.

Sponsorship:  Gaspari & Show Glo Competition Services 

Ambassador: Built Bar & TrustOrganix

Show Results: NPC Heart of Texas 2019 - Men's Physique - 4th Place in Novice

OCB Dallas Show 2019 - Men's Physque - 3rd Place in Novice & 7th Place in Open

OCB Battle of the Godz 2019 - Men's Physique - 1st Place in Novice A - 1st Place in Open A


NFF Dallas Classic Showdown Classic 2020 - Men's Physique - 1st Place in Open - New PRO.

NANBF Native Naturals 2020 - Men's Physique - 1st Place in Open - Bodybuilding - 3rd Place in Open

NFF Poseidon Classic 2020 - Men's Pro Physique - 2nd Place

GBO Legacy Classic 2020 - Men's Pro Beachbody - 5th Place

GBO Storm Classic 2020 - Men's Pro Beachbody - TBD


Name: Darius Moore​

BIO: Darius has always been an athlete and know what it takes to win.


He got into fitness back in 2015, and started seeing results. it has since become an addiction. He believes you have to change to get change, no hand outs. 


Darius is a natural bodybuilding advocate, believing that you may not see results as fast as you would want, but if you never stop... they will come! He is looking forward to hitting the stage this year!

Sponsorship: ASAP Supplements

Show Results: OCB Thunder City Showdown 2020 - Men's Physique - 3rd Place in Open - 3rd Place in Novice

NFF Lonestar Muscle Mayhem 2020 - Men's Physique - 1st Place in Open - New PRO.


Name: Kirhee Cooper

BIO: Kirhee is a men's Physique Pro Competitor and a NCO in the United States Air Force.

Shows: OCB Dallas Show 2019 - Men's Physique - 1st Place in Open

NPC Texas Cup 2020 - TBD

Name: Courtney Young

BIO:  Courtney is an active Business Professional and also a Plant-based Bodybuilder. Like us all, striving for excellence in all aspects of or careers and maintaining a prosperous lifestyle.  


While being a Plant-based athlete he has competed and earned medals in multiple shows.  Leading by example to further prove that regardless of not consuming meat products, you are able to achieve a optimal physique and a superb healthy lifestyle.  


Hard work, dedication, and consistency is the path to accomplishing your goals.  No matter where you receive your protein from, the mindset of determined individual is the way to live.  


Name: Londie Clay

BIO: Bio coming soon

Shows: OCB Dallas Show 2019 - Men's Physique - 2nd Place in Debut & 2nd Place in Master's

Name: LeCaris White


BIO: Bio coming soon


Show Results: NFF Lonestar Muscle Mayhem 2020 - Men's Physique - 2nd Place in Novice.